Affordable Indian-Made Device : D.Y. Patil University Scores 39th Patent with Groundbreaking Invention

Kolhapur : Researchers at city based D.Y. Patil University have achieved a remarkable feat: developing a “Liquid Column Based Optical Infrared Filter” that effectively blocks infrared radiation using indigenous materials. This innovation, led by Dr. Jayvant Gunjkar, represents a significant breakthrough with far-reaching implications.

The device, far more affordable than existing solutions in the global market, promises to revolutionize various fields. Here’s a closer look at this exciting development.

Cost-Effective Solution: Dr. Gunjkar and his team successfully created this device for a mere ₹11,000, compared to existing options costing between ₹1-2 lakh.

Indigenous Technology: This invention prioritizes local and readily available materials, promoting self-reliance for India’s research sector.

  • Broad Applications: The ability to block infrared radiation holds immense potential in environmental analysis, water purification, energy conservation, and light-emitting component efficiency.

This patent, the 39th for D.Y. Patil University, underscores the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and developing practical solutions using indigenous resources. The research team, Lead by Dr. Jaywant Gunjkar, Yogesh Chitare, Vikas Magdum, Akash Patil, and Abhaya Patil, deserves recognition for their dedication and impactful contribution.

University President Dr. Sanjay D. Patil, Vice President Satej D. Patil, Trustee MLA Rituraj Patil, trustee Prithviraj Patil, trustee Tejas Patil, Chancellor Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mudgal, registrar V.V. Bhosale congratulated the team.

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