KOLHAPUR: The iconic Kolhapuri chappal, renowned for its handcrafted elegance and comfort, is taking a high-tech leap to combat the growing menace of counterfeits.

The Leather Industry development corporation (LIDCOM), a social justice department undertaking, has successfully implemented a novel blockchain-based solution in a each pair of authentic kolhapuri Chappal weto safeguard the authenticity of these prized footwear.

Kolhapur Chappals Get Blockchain Boost to Outsmart Fakers

Under this innovative initiative, each genuine Kolhapuri chappal will now be embedded with a tiny chip that utilizes blockchain technology. This chip, invisible to the naked eye, stores crucial information about the chappal’s origin and creation process. Customers can simply scan the embedded QR code with their smartphones to access this information, which includes details like the specific artisan who crafted the chappal and the location of its production.

This ingenious approach offers a plethora of benefits:

Enhanced Authenticity: Customers can now be certain they’re purchasing a genuine Kolhapuri chappal, directly supporting local artisans and preserving the legacy of this unique craft.

Bringing Transparency: The readily available information on the chappal’s origin fosters transparency within the supply chain, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Streamlined Traceability: The blockchain technology enables efficient tracking of the chappal throughout its journey, from the hands of skilled artisans to store shelves. This empowers authorities to effectively identify and eliminate counterfeit products from the market, protecting both consumers and legitimate businesses.

Unwavering Security: The inherent security features of blockchain technology ensure the tamper-proof storage and verification of information, further bolstering the fight against counterfeiting.

The successful implementation of this blockchain-powered solution marks a significant milestone in safeguarding the Kolhapuri chappal brand. It not only empowers consumers with the ability to verify the authenticity of their purchases but also serves as a powerful tool to protect the livelihoods of local artisans and preserve the cultural heritage associated with these handcrafted treasures.’Said sources wit LICOM.

This initiative by LIDCOM, in collaboration with Emart Tech Innovations Pvt. Ltd., sets a commendable precedent for utilizing innovative technology to tackle the widespread issue of counterfeiting in the handicraft industry. It paves the way for a future where consumers can confidently invest in genuine, locally-crafted products, while ensuring the continued prosperity of traditional crafts and the skilled artisans who keep them alive.

kolhapuri chappal is iconic product of kolhapur. Every person visiting Kolgapur love to purchase kolhapuri chappal. Recently former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivrajsingh Chouhan purchased pair of kolhapuri chappal for him after 40 years.

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