” Modi Advocates Vigilance in AI and Encourages Innovation at Smart India Hackathon 2023” Here is the 5 Take aways from Pm’s Speech..

New Delhi : In a dynamic address during the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the significance of staying alert to the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Prime Minister underscored the need for public awareness about new technologies and cautioned against potential misuse, particularly in the realm of deepfakes.

Expressing his anticipation to engage with students, Modi revealed that he had been closely monitoring their progress throughout the day. Emphasizing the value of interaction with participants, he commended their hard work and innovation in the Smart India Hackathon, viewing it as a learning opportunity.

The Prime Minister covered diverse topics, including the transformation of Indian Railways and the burgeoning space-tech economy. He discussed the success of India’s moon mission, Chandrayaan-3, and its pivotal role in shaping India’s global perception. Modi also stressed the importance of the coming decade for the space-tech economy.

International collaboration was highlighted through the ‘Study in India’ program, welcoming students from foreign countries to pursue higher education. Modi spoke of India’s capability to provide low-cost, quality, and sustainable solutions, aiming for self-reliance in technology and eliminating the need for imports.

In appreciation of young innovators, the Prime Minister commended their remarkable problem-solving abilities and ingenuity in addressing complex challenges. Overall, the event served as a platform for discussions ranging from cutting-edge technology to fostering global collaboration and ensuring India’s leadership in innovation.

  • Dynamic Nature of AI:
  • Prime Minister Modi emphasized the dynamic nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cautioning that mischievous use could find new avenues even with solutions in place. This underscores the need for constant vigilance and public awareness regarding emerging technologies.
  • Global Framework for AI:
  • India is actively working on establishing a global framework for AI. Modi highlighted the importance of responsible use of AI and the need for a collaborative approach at the international level to ensure ethical and beneficial outcomes.
  • Innovation at Smart India Hackathon:
  • Modi expressed eagerness to engage with students and commended their hard work and innovation at the Smart India Hackathon. The event not only showcased technological advancements but also provided a valuable learning opportunity for the Prime Minister.
  • Space-Tech Economy and Chandrayaan-3 Success:
  • The Prime Minister discussed India’s transformational phase in the space-tech economy and the success of Chandrayaan-3, emphasizing its positive impact on India’s global perception. He highlighted the coming decade as crucial for further developments in space technology.
  • Self-Reliance and International Collaboration:
  • Modi encouraged the goal of making India self-reliant in technology, expressing confidence that the country could provide low-cost, quality, and sustainable solutions to global challenges. The ‘Study in India’ program and collaboration with students from Bangladesh showcased India’s commitment to international cooperation in education and innovation.