Rabies Death Rocks Kolhapur After Dog Mauls 20, Raises Treatment Concerns 

Rabies Death in Kolhapur, Kolhapur : In a tragic turn of events, a college student, Srushti Sunil Shinde, 21, who was bitten by a rabid dog on February 3rd. succumbed to rabies on March 4th,, sending shockwaves through the city of Kolhapur. This incident, which unfolded over a month ago, has caused panic among the 19 other known victims bitten by the same dog in Different location in the city.

Shinde and the others were attacked in various areas of Kolhapur, including Takala Chowk, Municipal Corporation, Bhausingji Road, CPR, and Dasara Chowk.

Moreover it is came to fore After Rabies Death in Kolhapur that all the victims have not tracked whether they are received the recommended anti-rabies treatment after the bites or not. However Srushti’s death has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the treatment in her case. because She have recevied recommended treatment.

The possibility that rabies developed despite the treatment adds another layer of worry for the remaining victims and their families. They are understandably questioning the efficacy of the treatment they received and fearing for their own health.

This tragic development has intensified the fear in Kolhapur, not just regarding stray dogs but also the reliability of the post-rabies bite treatment protocol. The city authorities are likely to investigate the circumstances surrounding Shinde’s death to identify the cause and ensure the protocol’s effectiveness.

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