CyberAttack on Meta million Indians feel disconnected for hours

Kolhapur: On Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, a global technical glitch threw a wrench into the social media habits of millions in India. Facebook and Instagram, boasting a combined user base of over 600 million in the country, became inaccessible for several hours. Users encountered error messages and login issues, leaving them feeling disconnected and out of the loop.

The exact cause of the outage remains under investigation, but reports suggest a problem with Meta’s Domain Name System (DNS) servers, essentially the address book of the internet. This technical glitch prevented users from finding the platforms’ online locations, leaving them unable to connect.

While the outage caused inconvenience for many, its impact transcended mere frustration. Businesses that rely heavily on Facebook and Instagram for marketing and customer service faced disruptions, Unprecedented anxiety arose due to concerns about a possible cyberattack on their systems.

Indians, known for their witty social media presence, didn’t disappoint. Other platforms like Twitter, which remained functional, saw a surge in activity. Users resorted to humor to cope, with #facebookdown and #instagramdown #cyberattack trending nationwide. Memes and jokes flooded timelines, offering a lighthearted take on the situation. Few of them given with this news.

Once services were restored, the incident sparked discussions about India’s dependence on a few dominant social media platforms. The vulnerability of these platforms to technical issues raises concerns about the potential for disruptions in online communication, impacting everything from daily interactions to crucial democratic processes like poll campaign.

This outage serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of our digital world and the potential consequences of relying on a handful of major players. As India continues its digital revolution, the need for a more diverse and resilient online ecosystem becomes even more pressing.

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