New Delhi : OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence (AI) Player, is making notable progress in establishing a strong presence in India. Former Head of Twitter India, Rishi Jaitly, now serves as a senior advisor to OpenAI, actively contributing to navigating India’s complex policy and regulatory landscape. This strategic move aligns with OpenAI’s broader goal of engaging with the Indian government and potentially forming a local team.

Rishi Jaitly, leveraging his extensive experience in public-private partnerships with Google in India and as the CEO of Times Bridge, plays a pivotal role in building essential connections in the country. Although OpenAI recently obtained trademark approval, it currently lacks an official presence in India. Despite hints from CEO Sam Altman’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, no formal announcements have materialized.

OpenAI’s interest in India comes at a time of leadership changes and debates about the nation’s AI development lagging due to funding constraints. The company’s exploration of India’s AI landscape coincides with discussions about the early stages of AI startups in the country compared to their global counterparts, despite substantial funding.

Addressing regulatory challenges, OpenAI is strategically focusing on understanding and aligning with India’s evolving regulatory landscape. The company’s commitment to navigating regulations demonstrates a meticulous approach, considering the Indian government’s inclination towards international collaboration for AI regulation.

Facilitated by Rishi Jaitly’s expertise, OpenAI’s entry into India signifies a significant step in the company’s global expansion. Negotiating the challenges and opportunities presented by India’s AI landscape, OpenAI’s thoughtful and strategic approach to understanding the direction of AI development in the country is evident. While Microsoft, OpenAI’s major investor and strategic partner, has a strong presence in India, OpenAI’s unique focus on AI necessitates a tailored strategy. As the company explores opportunities and establishes connections in India, observers anticipate the impact of this strategic move on the future of AI development in the country.