New Delhi : In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the Indian workforce stands out with a confidence in embracing the transformative potential of technology. According to the recent ‘India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023’ conducted by PwC, the findings shed light on the dynamic attitudes and expectations of Indian employees, positioning the country as a potential pioneer in AI integration.

Embracing Change with Confidence

Anumeha Singh, Partner at PwC India, highlights the demand for more comprehensive support from employers in the face of AI’s seismic impact. The workforce is not just seeking job security but is also pushing for adaptability and innovative career pathways.

62% of Indian employees anticipate significant changes in the skills required for their jobs within the next five years, showcasing a heightened awareness of the evolving employment landscape. Moreover, 69% are already cognizant of how these skill requirements will evolve, indicating a proactive approach to staying relevant in a rapidly changing job market

Confidence in Employer Support

Indian respondents displayed approximately 15% more confidence than their global counterparts in their employers’ ability to provide the necessary tools and opportunities for skill development. This optimism underscores the importance of organizational commitment to upskilling initiatives.

Restlessness and Ambition

The survey reveals a sense of restlessness within the Indian workforce, with 42% expressing a likelihood of changing jobs in the next year. This drive is fueled by expectations of better pay packages and promotions, with a significant 70% of Indian participants expressing their willingness to ask for a promotion, in contrast to 35% globally.

Kartik Rishi, Partner at PwC India, emphasizes the need for organizations to adopt a forward-looking, skills-first approach in their talent strategies. Integrating this approach into business processes will be crucial for sustaining businesses over the next decade.

Upskilling Awareness and Actions

The survey underscores the high level of awareness within the Indian workforce regarding the need for upskilling, with 62% acknowledging significant changes in required skills. Interestingly, 53% of Indian employees consider new skill development as a reason for taking up a secondary job, demonstrating a proactive approach to skill acquisition.

AI Perception and Work Environment

While 24% of Indian respondents express concerns about the negative impact of AI on their work, a substantial 51% believe that AI will enhance their productivity or efficiency. The positive work environment in India is further highlighted, with 73% of employees recommending their workplaces as good places to work, compared to 51% globally.

Conclusion: Shaping a Resilient Future

The 2023 India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey not only captures the pulse of the Indian workforce but also positions the nation as a key player in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. As organizations focus on skills for the future, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability will be crucial in shaping a resilient and thriving workforce in the years to come.

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