In a bid to redefine the user experience, Samsung is set to introduce a groundbreaking One UI update, version 6.1, for its Galaxy series smartphones. Leaked reports suggest that the update will bring a wave of AI features, including the creation of personalized wallpapers, innovative photo editing capabilities, and enhancements to the Samsung Notes app. Additionally, the company unveils its plan to revolutionize language barriers with the introduction of the “AI Live Translate Call” feature on upcoming Galaxy devices, promising real-time translation integration within native calls and a commitment to user privacy.

Key Features tha will be part of a new version

  • AI-Infused One UI Update: Samsung is reportedly incorporating AI features, akin to Google Pixel 8 series, in its Galaxy smartphones with the upcoming One UI version 6.1 update.
  • AI-Generated Wallpaper: The update is expected to introduce AI-generated wallpapers, allowing users to create unique backgrounds through keyword combinations.
  • AI-Enhanced Photo Editing: Samsung plans to include AI-assisted photo expansion, enabling users to relocate objects within images and expand pictures beyond their original borders.
  • AI-Powered Samsung Notes: The Samsung Notes app will leverage AI for auto-formatting large paragraphs and generating summaries upon user prompts.
  • AI Live Translate Call: Samsung announces the upcoming “AI Live Translate Call” feature on Galaxy devices, integrating real-time audio and text translations into native calls, eliminating the need for third-party translation apps. The feature ensures privacy by utilizing on-device Galaxy AI, with no data leaving the phone during privacy

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