Does Deva Thapa’s Freestyle defaming the Wrestling tradition?

Kolhapur: Deva Thapa, a wrestler from Nepal, has become a sensation on social media for his unique freestyle wrestling style. However, his upcoming event in Kolhapur has sparked controversy among local wrestling community, reigniting the age-old debate between tradition and entertainment.

Kolhapur’s, rich Wrestling Legacy

Kolhapur boasts a rich wrestling legacy nurtured for centuries. The patronage of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj played a pivotal role in its flourishing. Under his reign, Kolhapur became a hub for wrestling, attracting aspiring wrestlers from across India to its numerous talim mandals (training centers) and akhadas (arenas). Here, they honed their skills in the traditional Maharashtrian wrestling style, known for its more emphasis on strict rules, strategic techniques, and grueling physical conditioning.

Nepali Wrestler Deva Thapa's Freestyle Wrestling Sparks Controversy in Kolhapur

Can both style co-exist?

Deva Thapa’s freestyle approach, characterized by acrobatic moves and theatrics, stands in stark contrast to Kolhapur’s time-tested tradition. Local experts fear that Thapa’s flamboyant style, while undeniably entertaining, undermines the core values of discipline and respect for the sport’s heritage. They worry that its growing popularity could lead to a decline in interest in the traditional wrestling practiced in their city’s akhadas for generations. They also fear that due to such entertaining nature seriousness in of the sport may be lost!

Is There room for coexistence of Both?

Thapa’s supporters, however, argue that his style offers a fresh perspective on wrestling, appealing to a wider audience and attracting new interest to the sport. They believe there’s room for both traditional and freestyle forms to coexist.

The Future of Wrestling in Kolhapur

The upcoming event featuring Deva Thapa has become a focal point for the ongoing debate. Will Kolhapur embrace this new form of entertainment, or will tradition reign supreme? Only time will tell how Thapa’s influence will shape the future of wrestling in this historic city.

Deva Thapa is a 23-year-old wrestler from Nepal who has gained popularity for his unique freestyle wrestling style. This style incorporates acrobatic moves and theatrical elements.

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