Kolhapur : A land dispute between two families in Rashiwade village, Radhanagari taluka, turned violent on Sunday evening. Ajit Abasaheb Patil (65) and his son Akshay were allegedly beaten up by Keshav Abasaheb Patil (70) and four to five others over a 42-guntha plot of land.

Ajit Patil sustained serious injuries after being hit on the head with a stone and was admitted to Charapati Pramila Raje (CPR) Hospital for treatment. His son Akshay was also beaten with a stick.

According to reports, the families have been embroiled in a land dispute for some time. The argument on Sunday evening escalated into a physical altercation, leaving Ajit and Akshay injured.

Many relatives of injuired person gathered at the CPR after they came to know about the incident. According to them there is a dispute between Ajit and his elder brother Keshav Abasaheb Patil (aged 70) over 42 gunthas of land named Viheer in Rashiwade village. Owing to this dispute, there was an argument between the two families on Sunday evening. It sparked a fight. At this time, Keshav and four to five other members of his family beat Ajit and his son Akshay with stones. Ajit was seriously injured due to a stone hitting his head. Akshay has also been beaten with a stick.

Relatives of the injured claimed that one of the other family members fired shots in the air, but details about this remain unclear. The injured were treated at CPR late at night, and a case was registered at the Radhanagari police station. all the accused are absconding.

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