Pune: On Monday night, Pankaj Khelkar, a prominent figure in Pune’s journalism scene and a valued correspondent for ‘Aaj Tak’ and ‘India Today,’ succumbed to a heart attack.

Khelkar, aged 52, had been battling heart disease in recent days, ultimately succumbing to heart failure. He resided in Sindh Society at Pashan. Khelkar, originally from Akola, had dedicated over two decades to journalism, with 18 years spent at ‘Aaj Tak’ and a stint as Associate Editor at India Today Group, where he also managed the Pune Bureau.

His extensive reporting spanned a range of topics across Western Maharashtra and Marathwada, including notable coverage of events like the Telgi scam, German bakery blast, and the Anna Hazare movement for the Lokpal Act. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in shedding light on various social, political, sports, environmental, and crime-related issues throughout his career. Khelkar, a Journalism graduate from Symbiosis, Pune, was also passionate about film production, having produced documentaries and short films since 1992.

His multifaceted skills included writing, digital videography, and video editing, leaving behind a legacy of impactful storytelling and journalistic integrity.

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