Kolhapur Faces Water Challenge Urges Water Conservation as Dam Levels Dip Compared to Last Year

Kolhapur Faces Water Challenge , Kolhapur : Kolhapur district administration has urged residents to use water cautiously despite sufficient water levels in Radhagiri taluka dams. This call comes due to lower water storage compared to last year, rising temperatures, and declining rainfall patterns.

Currently, the Radhagiri Dam holds 61.03% (134.25 TMC) of water, compared to 138.46 TMC on the same date last year. Rising March temperatures and decreasing rainfall pose challenges, potentially leading to faster water evaporation and water scarcity if the monsoon remains deficient like last year.

Officals from Kolhapur, urged residents to adopt water-saving practices like shorter showers, fixing leaks, and reusing greywater. He also encouraged spreading awareness, promoting rainwater harvesting, and supporting water conservation initiatives.

The district administration is closely monitoring water levels, developing contingency plans, and educating farmers on efficient irrigation practices.

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