Kolhapur – The DY Patil Technical Campus Research Center in kolhapur has won first place in the Shivaji University ‘Ideathon competition’ for their innovative device that creates artificial insemination for animals. The device, called the Simen Thawer Unit, will receive seed funding from Shivaji University for further research.

Research Led by Professor Arif Sheikh

The research was led by Professor Arif Sheikh, Head of the Research and Development Department at DY Patil Technical Campus. The Simen Thawer Unit was designed to help farmers inseminate their animals at the correct time, which is crucial for successful breeding. The device is made in India and is affordable for farmers. It can be proved as game changer in animal husbandry sector.

Device Uses Solar Power

The first unit of the Simen Thawer Unit is a portable device that runs on solar power, making it ideal for use in remote areas. The second unit is a laboratory device that can be used for research purposes.

Anti-Road Hypnosis Cap Wins Third Place

DY Patil Technical Campus Research Center Tops Shivaji University Ideathon

In addition to the Simen Thawer Unit, Professor Sheikh also won third place in the Ideathon competition for his Anti-Road Hypnosis Cap (Shiv Kavach). This device is designed to prevent drivers from falling asleep while driving, especially on long highways. The cap uses sensors to detect when the driver is starting to fall asleep and emits a sound or vibration to wake them up.

Research Supported by Technical Campus Leadership

The research projects were supported by the Technical Campus leadership, including Dr. Satish Pawaskar, Director; Professor A.S. Pawar, Academic Dean; Dr. Vishal Suryavanshi; and Professor Umesh Patil, Head of the Department.

Congratulations from Institution Leaders

The institution’s President, Dr. Sanjay D. Patil, Vice President, MLA Satej D Patil, Trustee MLA Rituraj Sanjay Patil, Trustee Prithviraj Sanjay Patil, and Executive Director, Dr. AK Gupta congratulated the researchers on their success.

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