30 Year old Kolhapur IT Engineer’s American Dream Cut Short in Car Crash

Kolhapur : Kolhapur IT Engineer’s American Dream Cut Short in Drunk Driving Crash A horrific accident in Detroit on March 4th claimed the life of 30-year-old IT engineer Aishwarya Parth Bhivte. This tragedy wasn’t just the loss of a life; it was the brutal severing of a dream on the cusp of fruition.

Parth Bhivte, employed by Ford in Detroit, married Aishwarya three years ago and they settled in the US. Aishwarya had just completed the coursework required to work in her field and was set to begin her new career next month. However, fate had other plans.

On Monday, March 4th, around 8 pm, Parth and Aishwarya were making a left turn at an intersection when a car coming from the opposite direction slammed into their vehicle. The impact was so forceful that Aishwarya, in the driver’s seat, died instantly. Parth sustained serious injuries and is currently hospitalized.


Their dream of a happy life together shattered in a heartbeat. The Bhivte family in Kolhapur, India, is reeling from this devastating loss. Aishwarya’s body will be flown back to India for her final rites, scheduled for Thursday morning, March 14th.

The investigation revealed that the 22-year-old driver who caused the crash was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Aishwarya’s passing represents the tragic loss of a bright, ambitious young woman. Her family is inconsolable.

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