Ambabai Temple Development Plan crucial for development of Kolhapur city

Ambabai Temple Development Plan Kolhapur: The District Level Committee, headed by Guardian Minister Hasan Mushrif, on Monday approved a ₹1448 crore plan proposed by the newly formed Shri Ambabai Temple Development Authority in Kolhapur.

Duplicate Projects Removed:

The approval comes after removing duplication of projects and their allocated funds between the earlier plan submitted by the Municipal Corporation and the new Authority’s plan. Guardian Minister Mushrif informed reporters on Monday that they will strive to secure budgetary provisions for the Authority’s plan in the upcoming state budget, scheduled for June after the Lok Sabha elections.

Meeting Details:

The District Level Committee meeting regarding the Ambabai Temple Development Authority plan was held at the District Collector’s office. After the meeting, Mushrif addressed the press. District Collector Amol Yedge, MLA Jayshree Jadhav, District Planning Officer Vijay Powar, Public Works Department’s S. R. Patil, Devasthan Committee Engineer Suyash Patil, and officials from concerned departments attended the meeting.

Scrutiny and Approval:

The Municipal Corporation’s ₹255 crore plan for the development of the Ambabai temple premises, which received a ₹45 crore sanction earlier, had some overlapping projects with the Authority’s plan, including a (darshan hall) and parking facilities. During government scrutiny of both proposals, a suggestion was made to remove duplicate projects and their allocated funds from one of the plans. The District Level Committee meeting subsequently approved the revised plan after these corrections.

Next Steps:

Minister Mushrif informed that they plan to discuss the allocation of funds for the Authority’s development plan in the upcoming state budget, to be presented in June after the Lok Sabha elections.

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