Agony After Loss : Kolhapur Families painfull tragedy

Kolhapur: Agony After loss, In a shocking incident, the family of a deceased man from a village near Kolhapur had to endure immense pain and suffering due to the negligence of a major hospital in Mumbai. The family of Krishnat Patil of Varange Padali had to send the body of another person to Mumbai Again and bring Back body of Krishnat Patil

Patil who hails from Varange Padali was undergoing treatment at the hospital in Mumbai when he passed away. Covered body was brought to the village and taken to the cremetorium to performing last rites on departed soul. The body was opened at the cremetorium. Then the relatives of Krishnat Patil realised that deceased person is not Krishnat Patil. But some one else.

This incident caused immense mental agony to the family and relatives of Patil. They had to travel back to Mumbai to retrieve the correct body and endure the ordeal all over again. The incident has raised serious concerns about the efficiency and safety protocols of the hospital in question. The family of the deceased has demanded a thorough investigation into the matter and strict action against those responsible for the negligence.

The hospital authorities have expressed regret for the incident and have promised to take necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The incident has highlighted the need for better coordination and communication between hospitals and the families of patients, especially in cases involving deceased bodies. It is also important for hospitals to have stringent protocols in place to ensure the proper identification and handling of bodies.

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